Sunday, 7 July 2019

CS201 Assignment No 3 Solution - Spring 2019

Write a menu based system in C++ for “Library Book Record System” that will take input from user for the following menu. You will create a structure and perform the following operations on the structure.

Press 1 To Enter a Book Record.
Press 2 To Display all Records of Books Available in Library.
Press 3 To Search Books by Author Name.
Press 4 To Count Total Books in Library.
Press 5 To Exit from the System.

*System will take following inputs from user to enter a book record:
  • Book ID
  • Book Title
  • Author of Book
  • Cost of Book

Solution Instructions:

è Use switch statement for the menu based system.
èYou can use user defined functions for each of the task mentioned above to manage your code.

To Enter a Book Record
To Display all Records of Books Available in Library
To Search Books by Author Name
Count Total Books in Library

*      Restrict your system that it do not allow to add more than 5 books and on try of adding books more than limit show message i.e. “No more space in System for another book”.
Use strcmp function to search books by author name in Book_Author(); function.

Solution Output:

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