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Learn OpenERP is a great platform where you can specially learn Odoo (Open ERP) and its programming concepts from A to Z. The purpose of creating this blog is to help those people who wants to learn Odoo and develop their own OpenERP Systems.In this blog you will also learn all programming languages (Python, Django, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Jasper Reporting using iReport, ORM, QWEB Reporting, Android Application Development, Ionic Framework, PostgreSQL, Blogger, C#, Windows Phone Apps Development, and so on ......

Odoo - OpenERP | Learn Programming

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  1. Hellp Please help to get solutions in OpenERP 7

  2. any help in odoo framework for android ???

  3. hello, how attached report file jasperreopt in module odoo 8

  4. Love this I am new got to see what is in the offering

  5. Ali Moalim:
    Hello ,everyone how I can solve this problem. I'm using odoo 9
    Assertion:Error: Element openerp has extra content:data ,line 3

    1. Hi Ali Moalim... In your XMl file, there is an extra tag. So it gives error as extra content. Please Check your XML file.

  6. Hello
    Im new in odoo i use version 9.0
    In the invoice we have the button print Then I want to add another button print to display an invoice with different fields

  7. hi i want to make a module in odoo through pycharm can anyone help me how to make that..

  8. HI is ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH ADDING FIELDS ON KOT IN POS AND HOW TO FIND THE KOT TEMPLATE.Can anyone provide resources or links related to this.

  9. Hello, I want to hide menu in More Action which is open when we select multiple record on tree view like in sale order if we select multiple record then Action menu will appear over then in Invoice Order is visible i want hide that menu using group so please help me