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Saturday, 4 November 2017

How to install Ionic on windows

In this article we are going to install ionic and its dependencies on windows operating system, but you can develop an ionic application on any operating system. To the installation of ionic and its dependencies such as Cordova Plugin etc we use command line tool. As we told in my previous

article we may develop on app for different platforms (Windows Phone, Android, IOS) . Here we develop Android app using Ionic1 and Cordova. Ionic has different version such as ionic1, ionic2 and ionc3 the most recent version of ionic is ionic3, but here we start from ionic1.

Installation - Setup of Ionic

1- To install Ionic and Cordova we need to install NodeJs. Download latest NodeJs from their official website and install.

How to install Ionic on windows

After installation if Node open command prompt and type npm –v and hit enter to see the version of npm (nmp mean node package manager this manager will install ionic and cordova for us.) installed. For the installation of ionic and cordova follow below steps.

2-To install cordova type in command prompt : npm install -g cordova
The above command will install cordova, here -g mean install cordova globally.

3- To install ionic use this command: npm install -g ionic

4- If you install ionic and cordova together then type : nmp install -g cordova ionic

How to install Ionic on windows

Note: To check that ionic or cordova installed successfully or not run below command in cmd.

  1. ionic -v
  2. cordova -v
The above command shows the installed version. If both installed successfully you will see the installed version otherwise you got following error.

Ionic is not recognized as an internal or external command

How to downgrade nmp
>> npm install -g npm@4.6.1

How to uninstall cordova and ionic >> npm uninstall -g cordova ionic

How to install specific version of ionic and cordova>> To install specific version use @ symbol with version number, e.g. 
npm install -g ionic@4.6.1
npm install -g cordova@4.6.1

Now that we have installed cordova and ionic in our local machine in my next article we will setup


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